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We get a lot of questions about our ACT UVC units, mostly about how they work and what they can be used for, but there’s also another question that comes up frequently: what sets us apart from other similar products that are already available? In a world where inexpensive UV Phone cleaners exists, why have we put ourselves into the market?

There’s not a single answer to that. It’s a combination of factors, each of them differentiating us from our competitors and illustrating the direction that we must move in order to address the world’s most pressing issues. While there are several others who occupy the same space, none of them do quite what we do – nor with as much careful consideration.

True Value for the Price

One of the first things that everyone wants to know about our UVC sanitization units is the price. Taken in isolation – especially when compared to similar products – the higher price may seem like a drastic difference, but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.

We’ve set our price very competitively for the quality of our products and their overall reliability. This concept goes all the way back to the design stage, when we had some top innovators and thinkers from around the country – scientists from the University of Alberta, McGill University, and Innotech, engineers from U Technology and skilled metal fabricators from the field in Alberta – come together to create an integrated, fully capable system. With their help, we were able to procure the highest grade of UVC lights, fit them into expertly manufactured stainless steel casings, and install custom-cut glass for high reflectivity, cleanability, and effectiveness. This enables us to achieve full 360° coverage on any object placed within the chamber.

Meeting High Standards

Another reason for our reputation is that we’ve left no part of our process and operations up to misinterpretation, chance, or error. While something like a portable and small UVC wand may seem enticing and easy to use, the fact is that by their nature, they are generally unsafe and ineffective – something that we’ve taken great strides to improve.

UVC, in ideal settings, is one of the best sanitization methods on the planet. However, “ideal settings” is the key word here, because the specifics make a difference. Products like UVC wands are not only less effective (as they don’t expose surfaces to full 360° light, or expose them for enough time), but also dangerous to operators and people nearby, who are likely not protected from uncontained UV rays. These rays can permanently damage skin cells and eyesight.

That’s not all. Many over-the-counter, consumer-oriented UVC devices use or emit harmful chemicals in their light sources, like mercury or ozone. And what’s worse is that most of them don’t mention or acknowledge these risks in their messaging, potentially causing greater damage to unsuspecting consumers – who may not know they’re injuring themselves until long after that damage is done.

Another upsetting factor? Many of these products do not have the strength or power of UVC light that they claim, meaning that they do not actually clean surfaces as they advertise. This could have major consequences in settings such as hospitals or medical facilities, where diseases could easily spread from improper cleaning techniques and cause breakouts among vulnerable populations.

Our Solution

We have sought after and are undergoing Health Canada certification for our devices, to show that they are both safe and effective to use in any situation. Testing has shown that we can eradicate 99.99% of not only COVID-19, but other pathogens such as staph, influenza, and norovirus in 60 seconds or less, and we are proud to have the data to back up those claims.

We have also designed every unit with complete safety in mind, and made it impossible for human error to put anyone nearby in danger. The doors of the unit must be closed to operate, and they lock in place to prevent the inadvertent escape of UVC rays into the surrounding area. With single-button operation, there’s no complicated menus or routines to navigate, either – you simply close the door, push the cycle button, and wait for the all-clear signal.

A final point that we’ve considered in our ACT units is the size of the chamber. Cleaning an item like a phone is a good start – but in the current situation, we also need things like PPE (masks, face shields, etc.), medical instruments, tablets, clipboards, and other everyday items sanitized, too. Teser has accounted for this, offering roughly 3 cubic feet of fully-illuminated space inside the unit. So not only can you be more confident in its efficacy, but you can fit more or bigger items in at once. When time and confidence is critical, having that extra bit of insurance is a huge weight off your mind.

If you’re looking to purchase a reliable, proven UVC sanitization device that really works while protecting users from harmful exposure, you’ve found it right here at Teser Technologies. And if you still have questions that you need answered, we’re always ready to help, so reach out and get in touch today!