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Almost all common infections are spread by hands from high touch surfaces.




Every day, dangerous bacteria and virus cells are transferred onto high-touch surfaces and become easily transferred sources of infectious diseases.


Designed for Use in High Traffic Spaces.

Associated with Reggin Industries, established company in North America with over 30 years manufacturing stainless steel medical-grade equipment.

Ultrascan Technology

How It Works

Using UVC light, we can sanitize and disinfect many common household, wok-place, and PPE items. Here’s how the process works.

Different Types of UV Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) falls into three categories, based on their wavelength and energy: A, B, and C. The Teser ACT units create UVV – the only type known to be able to kill microbes. UVC is more effective than Broad Spectrum UV disinfection, and its use saves considerable energy overall

Destroying Germs With UVC

UVC light (high energy and the shortest wavelength) is absorbed into the cellular structures of microbes, preventing their replication and growth. This energy absorption breaks and cellular bonds in the DNA (particularly in thymine chains), creates mutated combinations, and ultimately deactivates the genetic material necessary for vuruses and bacteria

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Proudly Designed, Tested and Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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