Reagh Burgess

Strategic Alliance Advisor to Teser Technologies
BDLS International group

Reagh Burgess, as President and Founder of BDLS, has over 36 years of international business development and government relations consulting experience promoting growth and enhancing corporate initiatives in the Americas and Asia-Pacific markets. As a Strategic Advisor, Reagh lends his expertise to management to identify design, develop and implement projects in collaboration with provincial, federal, and international governments. This specialized strategic advice enables clients to successfully enter new domestic and host country markets and develop partnerships and alliances by broadening and expanding available resources and opportunities for growth.

Through the creation of strategic alliances and other commercial arrangements to leverage market opportunities with host country partners, Reagh supports Canadian and host country clients across a wide variety of sectors (such as manufacturing, energy, agriculture, health, and innovation technology) to access government and other resources. Reagh values corporate social responsibility and has been responsible for the inclusion of humanitarian and socially responsible assistance, community participation and collaboration in all his engagements. At home and abroad, he supports Indigenous initiatives, women in development, environmental projects and community support programs. As an experienced and valued senior strategic advisor, Reagh is often invited as a featured speaker at national and international seminars, domestic and international government strategy forums and conferences.

Proudly Designed, Tested, and Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta

We are headquartered in Calgary and are proud to have brought the best minds of Alberta together to make the TeserACT possible. With a singular focus, we are dedicated to making a difference to the capabilities of Canadian healthcare professionals, and using our western work ethic to make an impact in the fight against COVID-19.

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