Brett Kostka

Chief Design Officer

Perfection; although it’s impossible to achieve, Brett is one person who might get close. Leading Design and Production at Teser, Brett’s mission is to change the way that we work through persistence and dedication to his team and Lean thinking.

Leveraging his experience from various industries, ranging from consumer electronics and telecommunication enclosures to public art and major construction projects, there is no challenge that Brett will back down from. His work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, and as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use.

Brett’s commitment to his craft and operational excellence has made possible some of the most impossible projects, while ensuring his customer’s vision is always realized.

Proudly Designed, Tested, and Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta

We are headquartered in Calgary and are proud to have brought the best minds of Alberta together to make the TeserACT possible. With a singular focus, we are dedicated to making a difference to the capabilities of Canadian healthcare professionals, and using our western work ethic to make an impact in the fight against COVID-19.

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