PPE in ACT chamber using UVC light to sterilize

Reducing PPE Costs with UV-C Light

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest recurring costs is that of personal protective equipment, or PPE. These range from medical tools to more prominent safety gear like face shields, masks, and respirators.

Due to their exposure to pathogens and contamination, often these items cannot be reused, leading to shortages in supply and increasing cost overruns. These issues can vary from simply frustrating to actually life-threatening, depending on the industry, country, stage of pandemic response, and legal requirements that are in place. But now, with the Teser ACT units, there’s a better way to solve both of those problems as we move forward into economic recovery. Businesses that are now laden with new logistics and operating costs have a new way to save money on PPE.

Teser ACT-100 Sanitizes PPE
The Teser ACT units have 360° coverage with powerful UV-C light on any items placed inside, making it perfect for sanitizing PPE. It works very well on hard-surfaced equipment, making it an excellent choice for visors and face shields, small tools, and medical instruments. This has obvious benefits for organizations such as dental clinics, who have a high risk of transmission due to the nature of their work. Rather than using dozens of shields per day, per worker, the ACT allows for the safe sterilization (in minutes) and reuse of just one or two per worker. This not only massively saves on material costs, but also on the time spent between patients, as the process is so quick.

Reuse N95 Masks Safely with Teser
One of the most sought-after pieces of PPE in the world are 3M N95 masks. These are used in everyday medical settings, but also for disaster relief, construction, and other industries where breathing protection is required – and the shortage of them has driven prices up and forced many institutions to reuse them in a dangerous way. With Teser’s UV-C device, individual masks can be sanitized for covid and other viruses in a two-minute cycle, or up to a full Health Canada sterilization standard in a longer cycle. These cycles destroy SARS-CoV-2, among other viruses and harmful bacteria. Teser’s UV-C exposure works so well that these masks can even be reused in operating rooms and other sterile environments, when properly decontaminated. The PPE won’t last forever, but with the ability to reuse masks 5 or 10 times and face shields up to 100 times this reduces the risk almost to zero in between each instance. It is apparent that the Teser ACT is a strong investment in a safer future.

Get a Teser ACT unit to Save Money
If you’re in an industry that requires PPE use – or you are being proactive and using it when in a potential exposure situation – let us know how we can help. In these difficult times of Alberta’s economic recovery, cost-saving measures could be what keeps your business afloat. And as a proud supporter of Alberta entrepreneurs, Canadian innovation, and worldwide health, we are proud to be at the forefront of this new UV-C technology, helping to deliver it to the places where it make the biggest difference – now and in the future.

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We are headquartered in Calgary and are proud to have brought the best minds of Alberta together to make the TeserACT possible. With a singular focus, we are dedicated to making a difference to the capabilities of Canadian healthcare professionals, and using our western work ethic to make an impact in the fight against COVID-19.

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