A good education lays the groundwork for future success – and ensuring that students are healthy and safe is crucial to their school experience. Using Teser technology, schools and other educational institutions can mitigate the spread of COVID-19, influenza, and other commonly-transmitted diseases.

How Teser-ACT Helps Education

Elementary Schools

Young children are among the most potent vectors of disease transmission, and it is not always possible to prevent physical contact, item sharing, or accurate hygienic procedures for coughing and sneezing. The Teser-ACT can protect teachers and kids by sanitizing basic classroom supplies, small garments, and sports equipment used during phys. ed classes. In addition, a unit placed at the front desk, used in conjunction with hand washing and sanitizer, can help prevent pathogen introduction into the school by parents or staff.

Universities & Colleges

Common areas like libraries, computer labs, and on-campus restaurants and are all potential sources of infection. In addition, students from science faculties may have to reuse PPE from a prior class, with no way to establish whether it is safe. The Teser-ACT can help with all of these – sanitizing items like books, computer peripherals, phones, money/cards, goggles, masks, and gloves.

Trade Schools

Tool and material sharing is common in trade schools, as well as working with a partner to learn the best practices of the industry. The Teser-ACT units can help keep small tools sanitized for students in carpentry, automotive repair, plumbing, or any other of the numerous trade fields. Other PPE items like goggles, welding face shields, or hard hats can also be sanitized for safe reuse, saving schools and students time, money, and stress.


Situated at the front lines of the pandemic, healthcare facilities are among the hardest hit by PPE shortages, infection risk, and budget strains. The use of Teser technology helps alleviate all of these issues, and keep our valuable healthcare workers safer while they take care of our most vulnerable populations.

Teser-ACT in Healthcare

Seniors’ Facilities + Hospices

One of the most difficult aspects of the current pandemic is its impact on visiting loved ones in hospice or seniors’ settings. You can reduce the risk of transmission by using a Teser-ACT unit at the entry point of these facilities – sanitizing masks, keys, phones, small gifts, and other personal items before going in to the main areas.


The Teser-ACT unit is a welcome sight in a hospital setting. On the operations side, it can be used to clean medical and surgical equipment, PPE, and other small items like clipboards and tablets that must pass between multiple people. On the other side, visitors can sanitize cell phones, keys, wallets/money, and items from home that they are bringing to comfort loved ones. A Teser unit translates not only to less infections, but to substantial savings on PPE costs and less threat of a critical shortage.


Pharmacists are in contact with dozens of potentially infectious people every day, and are also suffering from a shortage of PPE and enough time to properly clean their equipment. Guidelines across provinces vary as well, with some pharmacists now expected to do COVID testing, and others receiving no PPE funding from their governments to help keep them safe. Teser-ACT units can help keep PPE costs down by allowing safe reuse, prevent accidental transmission of disease at point-of-sale terminals, and ease the burden on these critical healthcare workers


Many workplaces lack the ability to physically distance or prevent the transfer of shared items. One way to help stop the spread of disease in these close quarters is to have a process that includes proper surface disinfection, hand washing, and hygiene – and the Teser-ACT, which can thoroughly and efficiently clean small items and PPE between people and shifts.

Teser-ACT for a Safer Workplace


Visitors and staff inside offices can clean phones, keys, computer peripherals, and other items that may be found in common areas. Delivered packages can be sanitized before opening, minimizing the potential transfer of pathogens. Items that may be passed through multiple people, such as those from a stock room, can also be made safer in a Teser-ACT unit.

Manufacturing Facilities/Warehouses

Though staff may have separate workstations or routes, many often have lunch together, or require constant interaction with other throughout the day. While PPE is commonly used in these settings, its increased use has led to vastly increased costs. A Teser-ACT at the entrance to the work and common lunch areas can keep PPE safe and ready for multiple reuses, driving less waste and less expense.


In industrial settings like factories, PPE has always been in high demand. Now, it’s more important than ever, even though the associated costs are rising. Factory foremen, operators, and workers can save money on PPE by properly sanitizing their PPE for reuse, eliminating the need for constant replacement. This also means a lower chance of transmission when used in conjunction with recommended sanitization practices.


Travel, while not quite the same, is still possible with the new restrictions – but it’s recommended to be much more aware of your surroundings and how they can affect your health. From airports and planes to cruise ships and casinos, the Teser-ACT helps minimize risks in some of the world’s most heavily visited areas.

Travel Safer with Teser-ACT

Airports and Lounges

With a Teser-ACT in an airport lounge, small personal items and PPE can be sanitized before getting on a flight. For employees, units installed in back-end areas can ensure mobile devices, keys, and PPE are cleaned before taking off or interacting with the public. And for travellers throughout the airport, ACT units at bag and boarding pass checks can minimize unintentional transmission of pathogens from one person to others.


Gambling facilities have suffered greatly under the distance and group restrictions that defined 2020, but with a Teser-ACT, much of the risk can be averted. Cards, chips and coins, roulette balls, and other small game pieces can be sanitized between games, giving players an additive measure to help curb the spread of disease.

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